Mingrui Modern Office Furniture Desk

Luxurious yet affordable, this desk with thin desk top creates a new realm for young elites. Its concise lines, powerful shape, fine leather pad, and the metal decoration, all these exquisite details processed with meticulous techniques are interpretations of the taste and pursuit of the new generation.

  • It is mature and modern style melamine office furniture in appearance and its large storage space and reasonable cable-routing system help it to meet the need of large cable-routing capacity;
  • Combination of multiple materials; the use of glasses, aluminum alloy of different colors and leather truly enhances the quality of the product
  • Hueck steel plate pressed with vivid grain and solid wood touch from Germany is applied
  • Rehau ABS edge band with good weather-proof performance is applied to enhance the edge banding quality.


Ming Executive Melamine Office Desks

Broad Vision, Ambitious Moments
Ming series is styled as executive melamine wood office furniture, a perfect combination of the appropriate size and powerful function, the desk caters to routine office work needs, greatly improving Space utilization. The steady conference table and the minimalistic low profile storage cabinets compliments the design while fulfilling the interactive and storage needs.
File cabinets in melamine wood continues its unique Chinese style featuring low profile and high quality. Storage of books, goods, office supplies, private clothes, Ming file cabinet depict classy Melamine Furniture and can satisfy your various storage demands. Soft and warm color of the solid wood can better blend into surroundings, making items placed on it
more eye-catching.


E-half Office Executive Desk

As an upgraded version of E-half series, E-half new5 inherits the appearance and style of E-half melamine office furniture, and, by integrating and improving the function of previous versions, becomes an all-rounder that is composed of all categories of furniture that are both good to look at and easy to use.

  • Triangular prism aluminum alloy understructure, designed with a hanging melamine wood desktop;
  • Powerful and perfect cable-routing function, 2 desk-mounted cable-routing methods;
  • Full range of products in this product line, could meet different needs of different spaces.


Linz Executive Desks and Meeting Tables

With modern style, simple square-shaped steel legs, as well as light and thin boards, Linz series shine your office with a serene hue of melamine furniture style.

Concise and dynamic lines elaborate an efficient office atmosphere. Linz presents the modern style of loop legged platforms, adds more configurations and optimizes the specifications, offering more efficient workspace for you. With quite complete configuration for staffs, supervisors, meeting and reception areas, Linz and Linz Ⅱ provides the whole set for your office.