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Workplaces with innovative office furniture motivate a team to perform its best. Beautifully designed offices exude luxury and panache. A good workplace design inspires one to imagine, aspire and achieve.We push the envelope to provide our modern day clients with a truly invigorating work environment. Built on a foundation of trust, Hitec Offices is blessed with a keen flair for design and acute sense of execution.

Hitec Offices is the Exclusive Distributor for Sunon Furniture, one of the world’s leading office furniture manufacturers. Sunon Furniture has furnished world-famous enterprises and public institutions, including Fortune 500 companies globally. Besides a large R&D team and a European Research Center in Berlin, Sunon has also established enriching partnerships with renowned design studios and independent designers globally.


How Digital Workstations are Revolutionizing the Modern Office

The UP7 digital workstations have sensors located under the tabletop,...

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Office Design Trends 2024

2024 Office Design Trends for the Futuristic Workplace

One thing that can be certain about the future is...

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Japandi Interiors Office Workplace

Japandi Style Interiors for the Workplace: Simple and Minimal

The minimalist aesthetic has been popular for a while. People...

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Interpersonal Space Planning at Office

Interpersonal Space Planning in the Office

Invasion of one's privacy may lead to tension or problems...

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Office Design to Reconnect

How Office Design helps Reconnect the Modern Workplace

Office Design is more critical than ever for the modern...

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Multi–Modal Design: Destination Workplaces of Tomorrow

In today's workplaces, results matter more than how much time...

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Small Office Design Ideas

6 Small Office Design Ideas You Will Love

It might be challenging to design a welcoming and useful...

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Activity Focused Office Design

Different Work Styles need Different Office Designs

A new talent generation is emerging that is more than...

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CoWorking Design Ideas for Office

Office Design Inspiration from Coworking Spaces

The collaborative and flexibility design aspects of coworking spaces promotes...

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Office Breakroom Design Ideas

5 Design Ideas for Modern Office Breakrooms

Employers are seeking for methods to refocus the workplace in...

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Focus Space Office Design

Why Focus Spaces Matter in the Modern Office

Everybody will have a different preferred focal space. Employees need...

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How Digital Natives are Influencing the Workplace Design

The phrase "digital native" is frequently used by experts to...

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Hitec Offices provides premium office furniture in Dubai UAE with a rare mix of what it takes to add value to any interiors, may it be a financial institution or corporate office, a hospital or clinic, a university or school, an airport, a theatre or auditorium, co-working space or home office.

Partnering with leading office furniture manufacturers like Sunon Furniture, our superior portfolio of office furniture projects illustrates our skills in combining aesthetics with operational requirements. We create harmonious interior spaces by focusing on varied product preferences, compelling deadlines and challenges of error free installation within limited budgets, adding value for money for our clients.

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