Linz Workstations

X-shaped Workstation
With more independent space, the user work comfortably in open office workstations like Linz. People can  think independently and free from distraction even in an open-plan office.

Linz Series adopts modern style open office furniture shape steel leg and light side board endows office room with rational element.



Straight prism profile aluminum legs with a variety of melamine desktops, E-half workstations are lightweight with trending modern office furniture designs, and provides flexibility to your office layout.


Lipa Workstations

Minimalistic Style, Infinite Imagination
Marvelous Construction, Unworldly Taste

Choose Lipa, find what you like.
With bright color and “π” shape leg, Lipa creates a dynamic presence as open office workstation. The screen with hanging hooks and panels help to keep the desk tidy, thus improves working efficiency. The lateral panel under the table not only strengthens the frame but also makes working condition neat and elegant, in step with modern office furniture design trends.


Vera Panel Workstations

Every employee in the office needs space, and Vera designed as open office workstations can help meet such need in an effortless manner. Dividing the space into reception area, executive space, staff space or combination of both, Vera help elevate your space utility rate.

  • Free combination of thick and thin panels following modern office furniture trends;
  • Buckle structure simplifies the assembly process, saving your time and money;
  • New fabric covering technique without any glue for environmental-friendly purpose;


Hyle Office Workstation Cubicles

Hyle introduces the concept of community to office space. With the new type of sound-proof felt as its material, it reduces surrounding noise by about 20%, and it adopts the one-piece model technique to form the “screen partition”, leaving a distraction-free workspace. Hyle, a cubicle-style in open office furniture, with its enchanting colors, refreshes your feeling when you are working.

  • Hyle series redefines office environment with its arc-shaped screen design, a refreshing design that break the traditional workspace setting;
  • Environmental-friendly felt material, degradable, recyclable, acoustic and fireproof;
  • Multiple combination of semi-open and semi-private type brings different working experience;