How to Get Things Done at Work

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How to Get Things Done at Work

It’s 4 PM already and you are not even close to finishing the task at hand. The clock keeps ticking but somehow you are not able to keep your mind in focus. You are wasting time by the minute and you get more frustrated.

As you have a deadline to meet, you manage to gather your thoughts and keep working in spite of all the distractions. But, in the end, you are not really happy with what you have done.

If you can relate to this scenario, then it is time for you to relook at your work routine. Follow these tips to get work done more smoothly and improve productivity at work.

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1. Block all digital distractions

At work, there are many distractions for you to lose focus. Sometimes, it might be the notifications buzzing in your cell phone or the constantly checking emails. Although they’re different for everyone, distractions are a key factor that contributes to a waste of time.

If can keep the phone face down and on silent mode on the table so that you don’t have the urge to see the new notifications during the task. Allocate a specific time e.g. 15 minutes after the completion of the task.


2. Find a quiet space

Each person is different and so are their way of working. Some prefer the hustle and bustle of the office; some prefer a quieter space. If you are one of the later ones, then you need to find a space for yourself away for the chatter.

If the office noise is hampering your concentration, then get up and find a private space. Try to use Spark Series with PET screens by Sunon to create partial privacy.


3. Organize and Prioritize

On most of the days, you will have multiple jobs to do at work but if you don’t have a plan for the day then it is most likely to be inefficient. At the start of the week, make a list of all the tasks required to be finished and prioritize them as per their importance. Follow the plan and evaluate it at the end of the week. Create your own schedule which works for you the best.


4. Declutter your mind

People always say that organize your time and space to work effectively. But this is not going to work if you don’t organize your thoughts in your mind first. You need to have clarity in your workflow or else you will waste time figuring out the right way of doing things.

Bulleted lists are great ways to organize your mental clutter, freeing up mental space. You can also use productivity apps that will help you will help you arrange and plan better.


5. Say No to Multitasking

It is the best way to kill productivity. We waste so much time because we are thinking about different tasks and not focussing on one. It slows your work progress. When you choose a project and give you full time and energy to it, you can get better results. Divide time for different tasks based on the required resources and approach them separately.

Don’t multitask.


6. Take a break or few perhaps

Sometimes we spend time at work by chatting with our colleagues, checking text messages, or surfing the internet because our minds need a break from all the monotony. But, unconsciously we tend to prolong these activities and waste a lot of time. If that is your case, then you’re better off scheduling few breaks during the day but powering through otherwise. For example, you might take out 20 minutes in the morning or afternoon for some free time and it will help you get back to work; you might be able to use a height-adjustable table to take breaks from long sitting. Find Sunon’s range of Sit Stand desks, furniture that helps you to stay healthy and work better.


7. Learn the power of ‘No’

At work, we are being pulled from so many directions. Someone asks you to do something… someone asks for feedback…there is a meeting…a conference call…team activity and so on. There are so many commitments to fulfill but you have limited work hours. So, what do you do? You say ‘No’.

You prioritize what is more important to you and how will it affect your work schedule. Can the meeting be done in 15 minutes or can it do on Skype itself?

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Be tactful and save more time for your work. Let’s face it. We all waste time at work. It’s in our nature. The key is to minimize the amount of time being wasted and focus on productive work.  Time management is everything.

You can accomplish anything you want with proper planning and the right amount of discipline. Keep these seven points in mind and gets things done at work.

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