How to Buy the Right Office Storage?

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How to Buy the Right Office Storage?

How to Buy the Right Office Storage?

An office runs on an effective organization. Office storage should be of high importance when it comes to workspaces, but sadly, it is often undervalued compared to workstations and chairs. With the rise of the open-plan office and more minimal approaches to workspace design, storage can be easily overlooked. The right storage will not only keep your office looking clean and tidy; but it will also help your business to become more efficient, save you time, prevent the loss of work or documents and keep everything organized.

While design and aesthetics are certainly important, it’s vital to also consider function, and providing sufficient storage is part of this. That’s why creative storage solutions can turn any office into a well-functioning environment. Despite the importance of finding the right storage to meet your needs, people often find it tricky as they are not sure of the different storage options available, or what they should consider before making a purchase.

In this article, we are breaking down all the facets of office storage and why it is important for every office. This will be a guide to find the right office storage solution for you.

Steelbox Metal Filing Cabinet

Things to consider while choosing Office Storage

Taking the time to consider the different options, as well as how the furniture can provide the best storage options for you, means you have a greater chance of making the right choice. The following are some of the factors you should take into consideration:

Design is important

Good design is about more than just attractiveness. It is said that form follows function. Different employees have different needs. The right design caters to these needs while making the most of your available space.

The office space

Before buying storage, you should measure the space available in your office to help you decide how much space you can allocate to storage. You should take into consideration where other office furniture, such as desks and chairs, are positioned.

Required storage

You will probably have more than one type of material which you need to store. For example, you may have books, stationery, discs, files, or stock to store. Each of these will require different types of storage, and you will need enough of each type of storage furniture to accommodate your needs.


You should allocate a budget to storage before you begin to spend. Although you may want to limit the amount you spend, you should recognize that good storage will potentially save you both time and money in the future.

Size matters

Choose units that are too big, and you risk dominating the room, blocking access, and reducing the potential capacity of the space. Too small, and you may not have enough storage space to meet the requirements of your business. Think about your business’ current and future storage requirements, and pick a good balance of solutions to fit your business.

Types of Office Storage Solutions

Long gone are the days of drab filing cabinets and dusty cupboards full of lever arch files though – these days, storage is much savvier and a whole lot more stylish. Some of the most popular storage solutions for the modern workspace include:


Pedestals are one of the simplest but effective ways of providing personal storage at each workstation. Many office desks now come with the option of co-coordinating pedestals, most of which come on castors so they can be easily moved around the workspace or pulled up as impromptu seating.

Featured product: Steelbox Pedestal

Office Storage Pedestal
Office Storage Cabinets


You can never have enough storage cabinets and bookcases, but they can take up a lot of space. It’s a perfect way to store equipment and files that are needed by multiple departments. You can also use short bookcases to break up different workstations, creating a makeshift half-wall that provides extra shelves and top-storage.

Featured product: Steelbox cabinet


Lockers are by no means a new storage concept but there have been certain innovations around this type of product in recent years that have made them a great solution for the agile workspaces of today. These provide staff with a private and secure place to change from home to work mode and vice-versa while reducing the real estate costs associated with an extended floorplate.

Featured product: Laminate Lockers

Office Storage Lockers
Multifunctional Office Storage

Multi-functional storage

A modular system that provides storage but also simultaneously fulfills a variety of other requirements. The collection features a range of personal storage, team storage, and meeting point solutions – all of which can double up as space dividers or plant holders.

Featured product: Mall Office system

Different Office Storage Materials

There are three main types of material used to construct office storage – metal, laminated engineered wood, and veneer wood.

Metal storage

Metal storage is most commonly found in offices and is strong and particularly easy to clean. For very high impact areas metal is usually the best choice but can look very industrial. Opting for metal storage is a good idea if you want to create a modern and professional image in the office.

Featured product: Steelbox

Office Storage Metal Cabinets
Office Storage Wood Laminate Cabinets

Laminate storage

Laminate storage has a more ‘designed’ look and comes in a wider range of finishes that will match your existing interior design. Choosing laminated storage is a good option if you want a homely and welcoming look in your office because metal can sometimes appear a little clinical.

Featured product: System cabinet

Veneer wood storage

This is a premium quality of storage with a sleek design and beautiful aesthetics. Suitable for the top management and personalized offices, these solutions combined with veneer desks can elevate the look of the space to a new level.

Featured product: Round office system

Office Storage Veneer Wood Cabinets

Office Storage Solutions – the Bottom Line

No office is complete without an effective storage system.  By taking each of the above considerations into account when choosing storage furniture for your office, you will simplify the process and get exactly the right items to meet your needs. It will help you create a high-functioning workplace for you and your teams.

If you need effective storage solutions and expert consultation, contact us today.

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