Debunking Misconceptions about Ergonomic Office Furniture

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Debunking Misconceptions about Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomic Office Furniture has changed the working environment and help improve the productivity of workers not only in the office but throughout the day. Nowadays, most facility managers are aware of the very real and expensive risks associated with mismanaged office ergonomics. But, many people tend to assume that ergonomics is just about having a really comfy desk chair, that it’s too expensive, or that it’s just a term made up to sell more office furniture and doesn’t actually make a difference.

We are debunking the common misconceptions about ergonomic office furniture so that you can make the best choice.

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Myth #1: Ergonomic office chairs are only for people with chronic pain or injury

It is a fact that Ergonomic office furniture is good for people who have a pre-existing musculoskeletal injury that makes normal work activities painful. But, it is also more important to stop these injuries happening in the first place. Everyone in the workplace is at risk for injury caused by repetitive actions, awkward postures, or forceful exertions. That is why everyone can benefit from using ergonomic office furniture.

Myth #2: Ergonomics means comfort

Ergonomic furniture is designed with the user’s comfort in mind but it is not the only benefit. It’s also about optimizing human performance. By fitting the workstation to the worker to allow a good posture, less pressure, and fewer repetitive motions, the workers become more efficient and less frustrated– and thus, more likely to do their best work. Ergonomics helps in the holistic well-being of the user.

Myth #3: Workplace furniture is just a necessity for office work

An organized space and functional office furniture are required in every office. But, the workspace design of the office can do so much more than that. Furniture is a representation of the business as well. Incorporating corporate branding in the colors, textures, and fabrics, the furniture can reinforce the brand identity in the office space.

Myth #4: Ergonomic office furniture is expensive

Even though it requires major initial expense, ergonomics is often a profitable investment that actually reduces costs in the long run. While there are certainly some pricey brands of ergonomic furniture out there, you can find options available for any budget, just like you can for regular furniture.

Myth #5: Ergonomics is a marketing jargon, to justify premium pricing

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Not all ergonomic chairs have premium pricing. With research and innovation, we are now able to manufacture ergonomics chairs at the same cost as regular office chairs. Ergonomic height-adjustable desks are of the premium price compared to traditional office desks but the benefits are numerous which other desks don’t provide.

Myth #6: One chair fits all

No two workers are exactly the same as far as height, size, weight, and shape are concerned, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to accommodate everyone. This is where an ergonomic chair can provide the best results. Features like Adjustable height, seat position, armrests, lumbar support, and multiple locking system can help workers do their jobs efficiently.

Myth#7: Ergonomic office furniture is a waste of money

It helps in the overall productivity of the teams and the office and thus is a good investment. The benefits of integrating ergonomics into all business operations include:

  • Increasing work productivity and work quality
  • Improving employee engagement and morale
  • Increasing worker retention rates and attracting new talent
  • Promoting a better safety culture
  • Reducing employee sick days and medical claims

The pros of ergonomic office furniture outweigh the cons greatly.

Debunking ergonomic myths and eliminating misconceptions that still persist is the first and most important step towards ensuring the safety and performance of your company. Don’t let misleading perceptions about ergonomics lead you to workplace discomfort and injury. Click here to know more about our award-winning ergonomic design.

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