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Chairman’s Message

From its very inception, the vision for Hitec Offices has been to become a best in-class full service organization adhering to our corporate mission of quality and integrity in business practices. One of my greatest realizations is that the inspiration for our vision comes from our continual ability to dream. Perhaps this is what sets us apart from the rest, our belief that with hard work, commitment and dedication, there are no milestones that we cannot achieve together. And this, I believe, is the foundation of another one of Hitec Office’s strengths – our sense of togetherness, how much we work as a family, sharing our successes and our challenges.

As a company we extend this sense of togetherness to the way we do business with each other, as well as with our business partners, suppliers and customers. We strive to maintain a focus on people communicating, consulting, advising and completing projects with a human touch. In addition to our focus on people, it is our continuous commitment to quality and integrity that ensures that each of our specialized and skilled lines of business provides customers with state-of-the-art products and services each and every time. I am proud of what we as a company have achieved together thus far, and I look forward to the future and to reaching even greater horizons in the years to come. And finally, I hope that you, like us,
never stop dreaming.

Rashid Mubarak Saif Al Reyami


MD’s Message

At the core of every business, it comes down to people. This is why at Hitec Offices our focus is to put people first – providing the “Personal touch” to every aspect of our business. Combined with our solid commitment to quality and integrity, the experience of working with Hitec Offices as a business partner or employee is a fulfilling and memorable one. Founded in 1996, our company has nurtured a long and established history in the UAE, growing from, as we like to say “the inside out”. This means that new lines of business emerged in support of growing consumer demand for our product and service offerings, first in the area of office furnishings, and then later growing to include a wide range of specialized services including but not limited to interiors, design, construction, technologies, glass & aluminum, contracting services, and much more.

Our values have been part of Hitec Offices governing beliefs and business practices since its earliest days and continue to guide and drive the business decisions of today. This is the legacy that has earned our company the ISO 9001 – 2008 certification, as well as the unwavering trust and loyalty of so many of our customers over the years. Hitec Offices has translated this pursuit of excellence into continuing its long term expansion plans. I know that our commitment to being the very best will continue to lead us in successful and prosperous directions.

Sreedharan KP


General Manager


Heading the Office Furniture business of Hitec Offices and representing the distributorship of some of the renowned furniture brands like Knoll; Sinetica; Rockworth; Archuitti; Okamura; Sitland; Klober; Sesta; Patra; Merryfair & Sunon. To design and implement strategic business and customer development initiatives in Office Furniture business and to deliver or surpass company’s P&L objectives by optimizing people, resources, business processes coupled with effective market intelligence.

Subash Nambiar